AMD Link Mobile App Overview


The AMD Link App is a new and interesting way for users to interact with their Radeon product. All you need is the Adrenalin Edition version of Radeon Software (version 17.12) or later, and a decent iOS or Android phone.

What does it do?

The AMD Link application lets people use their phones as an auxiliary device for their Radeon experience. It has several very interesting features with their own unique use cases:

The Home Section – containing information on products from AMD and its partners (e.g – SAPPHIRE), this is essential reading for those who seeking to stay current on AMD hardware. Works no matter what GPU your system is running!

PC Performance Monitoring – allows for in-depth real-time analytics of your system, which can help you monitor performance. Adrenaline now features in-depth Performance Monitoring and tracking built into the Radeon Settings menu, with an in-game Overlay. For those with older games and older APIs or those who simply want to put it on a separate, mobile screen, the AMD Link gives you exactly that!

Radeon ReLive Section – Allows the capture or streaming of gameplay and can make sharing epic gameplay moments easier. Careful though: make sure it can capture the desktop beforehand. Your PC is still doing the heavy work and is the ultimate authority on how these features are done, even if Link can start or stop them when allowed.

Link as a Remote Control for ReLive?
Link has many interesting and useful features, and integration with ReLive is foremost among them. Not only can it control almost all of the features, from streaming and video recording to instant replay, but also share screenshots and videos.

News Feed – Notifies users of AMD updates and social feeds and allows the user to share them at will.

App Settings – Simply the different program settings and configurations.

All in all, Link has bulked up in the capabilities department, and can be a great friend to any streamer or content creator. Its integration with Performance Monitoring can be a lifesaver if your program is acting up, whilst its ReLive capabilities offer amazing functionality.

Interestingly, some of its features don’t even require AMD Radeon hardware; you can use it just to keep abreast of current or future products or events. Of course, making full use of its features would require capable Radeon hardware…

Nikolai Petkov
Nikolai Plamenov Petkov is a young 24-year-old gamer (and student) from Bulgaria. Nikolai is one of the winners of the SAPPHIRE Nation's Editors' Casting contest.