Get Total War: WARHAMMER free with SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon R9 390 & R9 390X


The rules have changed. Total War: WARHAMMER is launching on May 24th and will bring the Total War series to a completely new world. And if you’re planning a hardware upgrade soon, you can get the game for free.

The high fantasy universe of WARHAMMER is coming to one of the biggest strategy game series of all times. Total War: WARHAMMER will be the very first chapter of the series to feature a fantasy settings, and what better universe to pick than Games Workshop’s legendary world.

Incredible campaign mode, four completely different races, breathtaking world full of detail, Legendary Lords joining the fray, powerful magics at works – Total War: Warhammer promises spectacular gameplay and already gathers fantastic reviews. just called it “a godly blend of franchises”. We couldn’t agree more.

AMD_Radeon_graphics_logo_2014.svgDirectX 12 powering the war machine

Total War: WARHAMMER from Creative Assembly is another major 2016 release to feature a DirectX 12 renderer.  Latest API support will be added to the game shortly after the release, and it’s worth the wait. What does that bring to the table? Let’s hear directly from the studio’s own Charlie Dell, the Technical Director of Total War:

The three most important DirectX 12 features for us are Asynchronous Compute, Multithreading and MultiGPU support. One of the advantages of DX12 is that it enables Async Compute. This allows us to take systems such as our particle system and sorting tasks in parallel with the GPU on the main rendering pipeline. These parallel tasks or so-called spare GPU cycles allow us to extract the maximum performance out of the hardware.

In Total War: WARHAMMER we have several parts of our pipeline running in compute shaders. A few examples are the particle simulations, screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO), directional light – all these compute shader parts are running as Async Compute in parallel with others like shadow maps, G-Buffer pass, UI.

With native support of Asynchronous Shaders in the Graphics Core Next architecture used by the modern SAPPHIRE Radeon graphics cards, you can rest assured – the performance of the new Total War will be great on your SAPPHIRE card.

Get Total War: WARHAMMER for free

You’ve just got another great reason to upgrade your PC to a SAPPHIRE NITRO graphics card. You can grab Total War: WARHAMMER completely free of charge with a qualifying purchase of one these cards:
  • SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon™ R9 390
  • SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon™ R9 390X

Please note that you will qualify for the game code only when buying the card at the participating retailer or etailer. Please look for annotations about the promotion at your etailer’s website. You can find a complete list of participating EMEA retailers at AMD WARHAMMER bundle mini-site.

To claim the code, go to AMD Rewards site: The promotion runs till August 15th or until supplies last.


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