Introducing the SAPPHIRE NITRO Gaming Series website


We’re gamers here at SAPPHIRE. We like powerful, shiny, cutting-edge technology and hardware and everyday we try to embrace all that in making the best graphics cards for gamers. We thought our SAPPHIRE NITRO Gaming Series, which we debut in June last year, needed a special treatment when it comes to web presence. A website that would help better convey what we strive for with SAPPHIRE NITRO. So we made one.

Introducing the SAPPHIRE NITRO Gaming Series minisite. It’s the go-to place to learn about our flagship product line. It features SAPPHIRE NITRO product portfolio and informational hub for the entire series as well as directions to ongoing promotions that are currently happening.


Information that matters

Consumer should always make an informed choice. Finding details about computer hardware is not always as easy as we’d all like. It’s crucial to present all that’s meaningful to a user in a clear, precise, but also modern and attractive fashion. We wanted you to know what kind of gaming performance to expect from a different models of SAPPHIRE NITRO cards – there’s a product for virtually every kind of gamer out there. A monster of a card like the Radeon™ R9 390 will guarantee awesome 1080p & 1440p performance, and we provide you with concrete examples of that. 1080p, Ultra Settings, 60fps and a slew of well-known AAA titles. Or a fantastic, butter smooth MOBA gaming with cards from the SAPPHIRE NITRO R7 Series.


On the new website we talk performance, we also talk features and cooling – that’s what we specialize in. Whether it’s the latest Tri-X triple-fan solution with state-of-the-art radiator and heatpipe design or a smaller single-fan solution found in Radeon™ R7 370 2GB and Radeon™ R7 360 2GB, they all have something in common: silence. The IFC II system turns off the fans completely under small load, and while gaming cards remain quiet thanks to the premium quality materials and design our engineers implemented in all SAPPHIRE NITRO products.

The idea behind SAPPHIRE NITRO was to cram in everything you need (and leave out everything you don’t) to maximize the gaming experience for your budget. We’ve designed the new site around the same principle – we don’t want to bore you with irrelevant, uber-scientific details or simulations. We talk about what matters to you: the performance, cooling efficiency & gaming features.

You spin me right round

Things are in motion on our new product information pages. We hope you enjoy all the little animations and design touches while you browse through. Or tap through. The site is responsive, so whether you’re surfing on a big or small screen, you should have a great experience. Enjoy!

R9 390_FB

Your feedback

We hope you like what we’ve cooked up there. Let us know how it feels! Leave a comment on our social media channels or directly below – we want to hear from you!

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