Is 240hz Refresh Rate the New Standard for Gaming?


What are Hertz and How do they benefit Gameplay?

For anyone who doesn’t already know, ‘Hertz’ commonly abbreviated as ‘Hz’ is the measurement unit for the number of times per second that a display updates its image, so simply put, higher Hz means more display updates/sec.

In terms of Monitors, Hz can come in values of 60hz, 120hz, 144hz, 165hz, 240hz, 360hz, (etc.) with 60hz being the least updates displayed, and 360hz being the most, higher hertz can provide a smoother experience and decrease response time, in addition to providing a more immersive adventure when gaming, while preventing the game from looking choppy like a PowerPoint slide show.

You may be wondering, in what environment would a 240hz experience become beneficial for the user?

Well, in most cases refresh rate is subjective to the gamer and incorporates lots of factors; for example, a player who enjoys strategy games may not be bothered by the Hz displayed simply because it does not interfere with the game nor pose a competitive advantage, on the other hand, a gamer who prefers FPS titles with a competitive environment may believe that having a higher hertz could create an advantage when gaming.

Is There a Significant Difference Between Refresh Rates?

Refresh rate can easily be recognised and visually creates a contrast between low and high hertz, the difference between 60hz, (A standard for most TV screens and non-gaming monitors) and 144hz (For higher end TV’s and Gaming standard monitors) is prominent!

In complete contrast, when transitioning from 144hz to 240hz, the visual difference becomes a lot less noticeable, especially when not playing at a professional standard, so to most this may not be necessary in order to gain an advantage, particularly when displayed the price comparison.

Personally, as someone who has owned a 144hz Monitor for 3 ½ years, I can honestly say that I would never go back to 60hz, nor upgrade to 240hz; in fact, I believe that 144hz is the sweet spot within the refresh rates when considering affordability and benefits.

Returning back to price, the average 60hz monitor costs around £60-£100, when buying an 144hz monitor you would be looking at around £110 - £200, and for a 240hz monitor prices are around £220 - £400; Of course, these prices vary due to other factors like resolution and monitor size.


When is 240hz Necessary and might it replace Old Standard 144hz?

As previously stated, refresh rate is subjective to the user, so in what circumstances would 240hz become the new standard in gaming? 

Well, with the advancements of PC’s, it becomes almost obligatory to make sure your other equipment remains up to date and on par with your setup and so people may feel the urge to buy monitors with a higher refresh rate in order to match their high-fps capable computers.

Additionally, as playing at a competitive standard becomes more frequent and open to players, the incentive to have the “best” equipment is increasingly alluring.

I mean, with statistics such as; 240hz being 4x faster than a 60hz monitor, and 70% faster than a 144hz monitor, along with the lower input lag, it’s a huge leap forward, which may be enticing to an aspiring competitive gamer.

However, everyone should know that it is only crucial to match your monitor refresh rate with the frame rate you’re achieving in game, as in there would be no value out of a 240hz monitor when only reaching 80-100 fps in game. 


To summarise this topic, I believe that 240hz may not be the sweet spot in terms of high hertz at this time, however I can corroborate that as time progresses, 240hz will become closer to being the standard in terms of casual gaming (although already common in competitive leagues), moreover using high refresh rate is subjective to the user and the genres of games they play, the quality of gameplay, and the price compared to the benefits of higher refresh rate.

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