Name a drink and win SAPPHIRE gadgets!


You’ve asked for these! We’ve secured some of the SAPPHIRE gadgets from the latest collection just for you. As these come in an extremely limited quantity, you will have to get a little creative to get one!

We know you always seek cool gadgets to adorn your gaming room and your battlestation’s surroundings. Today we have just the thing – or two things, in fact.


Made of pewter, with an elegant industrial design, rigid handle and SAPPHIRE logo engraved on it. This tankard will be a wonderful everyday container of your potions and other potent mixtures that fuel your time spent by the PC and keep you well-hydrated.

F.R.A.G.S. the SAPPHIRE NITRO Bot figurine

This hand-painted figurine of Fast Robotic Assault Gaming System, or F.R.A.G.S. the NITRO Bot, is our premium toy that you can display proudly next to a PC powered by SAPPHIRE NITRO+ graphics cards.

Name a gaming/technology drink and win! [Update: Winners announced!]

To win one of our 10 sets that contain F.R.A.G.S. figurine and SAPPHIRE Tankard, get creative and think of a name for a PC gaming / technology-themed drink. Submit it in a comment below this article and that’s it, you’re in the game! We will pick coolest-sounding names and announce winners on April 10th, 2017, right here. Get that creativity flowing, and best of luck!

Update: We’re still getting through all your submissions. Rest assured the winners announcement will come before the end of the week, no later than April 16th, 2017. Sorry for the delay!

Update #2: Thanks for participating in the giveaway in comments! We’ve picked the winners – here’s a complete list, by Disqus user accounts:

Are you a winner? Please send an email to [email protected] with a screenshot of your page (as a proof) and your shipping address (first name, last name, address – street, household number, city, postal code, country, contact phone).

Congratulations everybody! Stay tuned for more.

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