The "PC Building With Josh" Video Series Kicks Off!


Remember Josh and his Not From Concentrate series? Now he’s back and he will show you how to build a PC from a scratch with some customization tips.

Some of you might recall Josh’s first series in which he proved that PC building can be a work of art. If you don’t, check out the Not From Concentrate series here.

Now Josh is assembling a PC for one of his friends and uses this occasion to share some tips for both basic and more advanced users.

Watch the first episode:

Next episodes will be published on SAPPHIRE’s YouTube channel according to the schedule below:

July 24, 5:00 PM CET – Episode 2: Preparing the Components

July 26, 5:00 PM CET – Episode 3: Liquid Cooling Installation

July 28, 5:00 PM CET – Episode 4: Wiring and Graphics Card Installation

July 30, 5:00 PM CET – Episode 5: Tuning and Testing

You can also share your story about fixing or building a PC for someone and win a SAPPHIRE R9 380 ITX Compact graphics card. Enter the contest HERE.

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