Rimworld’s Biotech expansion is delicious.


The new update has added both children and slavery – truly not a game for those lacking in dark humor.

Yes, indeed the latest expansion for Rimworld has finally allowed colonists to reproduce by adding babies and children into the game, alongside many other brand new features. Now your colony with the Supremacist ideology no longer needs to accept any dirty unwashed refugees in order to expand its numbers!

What if you want a fully automated colony reliant on bots to run and fight for your lands, with only a few colonists around to control them?  Or perhaps you believe in flesh over machine, you can supercharge your colonists by modifying their genes! These modifications can range from something small like hair and eye color to large personality and body alterations.

All these new additions interact seamlessly with previous expansions in order to add additional layers of depth, which feel so natural, it’s like they really were always meant to be a part of the game.

As mentioned earlier, your colonists can now reproduce and get pregnant, eventually leading to babies which grow into children and later adults. I hope I don’t need to explain human reproduction any further. Once a baby is born, it is basically another chore until it reaches the age of 3, keeping in mind that children age much faster until the age of 13.

Once the baby reaches the age of 3, they become a child and receive a new bar which fills up as it gets entertained and educated. Most of the time the child will be able to entertain itself on its own by drawing or talking over the radio. It may also watch an adult do their work or get directly educated by said adult in a classroom, doing the “study” activities will increase the child’s stats slowly, as all babies are born with a zero in all skills.

Children have three growth periods which, depending on the levels of study it has reached, will allow you to choose from a progressively wider range of traits and passions in skills, with higher levels even allowing you to choose multiple passions, which are the little flames next to a certain skill and allow the colonist to improve said skill much faster.

A child's Growth tier showing what bonuses you will get once it reaches the next growth moment. Higher learning makes the green bar grow faster

Another new addition is the ability to control mechanoids, starting off with smaller ones that perform chores and progressing into ones that look very similar, as they have been raiding our colonies for years.

Personally, I might make some of the smaller mechanoids to alleviate some of the more repetitive tasks, such as harvesting and sowing crops, hauling or cleaning. However, if I attempt to produce and maintain any of the more advanced mechs, my body refuses to cooperate and begins shutting down.

Finally, my favorite addition is the genes. While I haven’t experimented with the more advanced “build your own colonist” part of this expansion, I love some of the races that I get to recruit into my colony.

One of the additions are soldiers, who are genetically superior in combat, but suck at doing tasks. They also have a genetic addiction to cocaine, if they go a few days without ingesting the forbidden white powder they will progressively get weaker and soon die.

Genes of a "Waster" with is genetic addiction to “delicious” cocaine

A similar race is one that much resembles a vampire, they need to consume blood and take a few days every now and then to sleep in a casket, otherwise they enter a coma. However, these guys are just genetically better at everything than anyone, and it is very easy to have slaves with no arms, legs, eyes or tongue, whose only purpose is to lay in a bed and be used as a blood farm for our vampires.

When one of these colonists enters their casket for a "Deathrest" you can research and construct various machines, which can accelerate this rest time or provide buffs for the colonist until the next Deathrest

The small quarters of my vampire colonist, with the casket and support equipment

As a conclusion, great expansion! Child slavery and crippling people into being blood farmed torsos has never been this fun. Performing a global genocide of a race of humanoid pigs is a fantasy I did not know I had. After playing this new expansion it is highly likely that I am being actively wiretapped by the CIA and Mossad, but it is all in good fun! It is a small price to pay for such a reactive and fun sandbox of a game, even if it may advance society’s psychopathic traits.

To every fan of this game – I highly recommended to reinstall Rimworld and buy the new expansion, it is a great experience!


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Nikolai Petkov
Nikolai Plamenov Petkov is a young 24-year-old gamer (and student) from Bulgaria. Nikolai is one of the winners of the SAPPHIRE Nation's Editors' Casting contest.