SAPPHIRE Announces Powerful Software Bundle with GPRO Series Commercial Graphics Cards


Comprehensive lineup of GPRO Commercial Graphics cards now available with the powerful azplayer neo video playback management software.

August 15th, 2018 – SAPPHIRE Technology is proud to announce the arrival of a new software bundle for the commercial graphics market. The azplayer neo Software bundle delivers a powerful and easy to use video playback management software for FREE to customers who purchase a GPRO Series Graphics card from SAPPHIRE’s high performance discrete graphics product range for the professional market.

Intuitive with Powerful Performance

azplayer neo by AZSYS is a powerful video player software that is simple to use and delivers multiple video real-time playback as well as a host of other useful features. With videos now commonplace and widely used to deliver immersive viewing experiences, azplayer neo has features and functions ideally suited for sectors such as the Digital Signage where the instant updating of signage messaging and custom screen layout combinations is essential.

The software delivers these capabilities with single or multiple monitor configurations in a simple way that allows users to quickly learn how to use the video controls and perform tasks such as resizing, positioning and layouts.

Feature Rich and Capable

Users of azplayer neo can’t help but be impressed by its host of features which include real-time playback of up to 8 x 2K videos while performing multiple tasks such as positioning, resizing, switching videos and changing layouts. Digital Signage users can post up to 4 x pictures with their videos and create up to 2 x tickers’ running in parallel to enhance their messaging and content.

Video Rendering Support (No SLS needed) means videos can be played across multiple monitors without the need for hardware configuration into SLS mode, such as AMD Eyefinity or NVIDIA nView

azplayer neo also provides a “Smart Layout” feature which includes up to 30 display layout options and for advanced flexibility it enables re-positioning and resizing the videos, images and tickers into the layouts.

For added flexibility, the Individual Audio Control feature means users are able to control individual video volume intensity by simply dragging the volume bar left and right.

All of these features combined make azplayer neo the perfect tool for engaging an audience and displaying information in real time.

azplayer neo: Download and Activation

To redeem the free copy of azplayer neo, users simply need to locate the coupon inside the product box of a newly purchased GPRO Series Graphics Card, and scratch the silver foil to reveal the download CODE. Then go to for instructions on how to download the software.

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